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Posted by jim-ether - January 31st, 2015

Here is a mime on a plum.


Posted by jim-ether - July 24th, 2013

I painted an ice Satan.
Have a nice day.


Ice Satan

Posted by jim-ether - November 14th, 2012

Hello, friend.

I'm just writing this new entry because I'm totally sick of looking at the one that's been up since January. I've attached a painting I made yesterday because why not, right?

Have a nice day.


A new entry

Posted by jim-ether - July 4th, 2012

Hi there,

My name is Jim Ether. I'm currently working on my third film, it's a sequel to my 2005 film "ALERT!" and it's called "Alert 2".

I'm looking for voice actors who would be interested in being part of it. I've written a blog post about it here.

If this isn't for you but you have a friend who may be interested, please tell them about it.

I'm going to stop taking submissions on July 15th so if you're interested please send me your voices before then.

I'm excited to hear your wonderful voices. Thanks for reading.


I'm making a film called "Alert 2" and I'm looking for voice actors to be part of it

Posted by jim-ether - March 25th, 2012

Hello friends,

My name is Jim Ether and I'm an artist from Ohio in the United States.

In 2005 I made a feature film called "ALERT!" which was a collection of animations set to music that I made. It was a strange film but some folks seemed to appreciate that. Seven years later I'm giving a stab at creating a sequel to that film. I've decided to call it "ALERT2".

Since it takes a bit of time to accomplish a goal this large, I've turned to Kickstarter in hopes of raising funds for it. The film would take me about a year to complete, working every day, and the goal I've set would allow me to spend my days hard at work on the project.

The campaign can be foundhere

Those who contribute to the campaign aren't just giving their money away. Depending on how much you wish to contribute, you'll get a DVD, the film soundtrack on CD, posters, a book and artwork used in the film. If you actually liked ALERT!, chances are you'll LOVE this one. The animations will be sharper, weirder and broader. They'll also be video in this one to mix it up. If you thought the original ALERT! was a bunch of crap then you'll probably think this is a bunch of crap as well. So is life.

Well, thanks for reading.


ALERT2 Kickstarter campaign

Posted by jim-ether - May 29th, 2011

Hello friends,

I'd like to make myself a new film and when it's done I'm going to give it away for free to everyone. It's a science fiction picture and it's called "Dog Whistle". I'm attempting to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter to make it. My campaign is here along with more information about the movie.

Dog Whistle on Kickstarter

If this is something you would like to see in the future, please help me by spreading the word or pledging a couple of dollars. If 3000 people gave $5, it's funded. Will this actually happen? You never know until you try.

Thanks for your time.

Dog Whistle

Posted by jim-ether - March 16th, 2011

Hello friends,

I have begun a small Kickstarter campaign which, if successful, will allow me to paint pretty pictures for three months. Would you like a pretty picture for yourself? I would love to paint you one.

This is a link to my Kickstarter campaign.

Thank you very much for your attention.


A small Kickstarter campaign

Posted by jim-ether - January 8th, 2011

Hello there,

I don't make cartoons anymore but I started myself a blog. I put artwork on there. You can check it out here if you like.

My blog

Thank you and have a colorful day.



Posted by jim-ether - July 3rd, 2009


My name is Jim Ether. I used to be very into flash but I don't make so much anymore. Now I spend most of my time painting. I'm now working on the artwork for a series of trading cards called "foodpeople". If you would like to see what they are all about please visit http://www.foodpeoplecards.com.


Greetings people.